Someone asked me, “What information should my free business cards contain?”

I would call this mandatory information.   This mandatory information isn’t going to be mandatory for every business, but if you have this information, you won’t regret it.

1. Name and Title

This information is vital because without it, the customer won’t remember you.   Essentially you will just be giving them nothing of value.   if they just wanted your company name and contact info, they could pull out a phone book.

2. Contact info

Contact info is essential.   When you give someone a business card, you are hoping to make something of this potential contact.   Maybe a sale, maybe a business partner.   Either way, you want something.   This contact info should also be your personal contact info.   Don’t just put your company contact info on your business card.   Make sure there is an extension, or your cell phone number, or your email address.

3. Reason for Contact

This mandatory information might not be used very often, but it should.   When you hand someone a business card you also want to include a reason for them to contact you.   This reason could be a special discount, an offer for personalized service, or just the promise that your company is better than your competitors.   This reason could be in a one-line message on the back of the business card, or it could even be the company slogan.   Somehow you want to give the customer a reason to contact you.

Use those three mandatory information tips on your next free business cards!