Business Card Life Span

February 15, 2008 Basics,Free Advice No Comments

Jim Thaler wrote: What if the average “life span” of a plain, text only business card versus a full color business card or other unique design card? Thanks for the question Jim! As far as the business card itself, they usually are dead by the time they’re printed on! I’m sure they tree didn’t mind, […]

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Business Card Website Redesign

February 14, 2008 Design,News No Comments

Well, we just finished the redesign of Business-Cards-Free.   This website is now much cleaner and features less clutter.   If you can’t seem to find an old post that you liked you can use the “Search” feature on the left menu. Here are a few of our most popular posts: Send Me Your Question […]

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Business Card Redesign – Focus on the WOW Factor

February 13, 2008 Design No Comments

Finally someone gets it! Business cards aren’t just about handing out contact details to your potential prospect, they are about conveying a message. Who you are, what you do, your style, personality, etc. Your business cards are a reflection of you. Mi-Reflections says, “It’s probably time for a complete make-over. One that will recast your […]

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