Luigi Wewege And Business Card Success

Although Luigi Wewege is a highly successful man and possibly one of the world’s top wealthiest people, he didn’t get that way without a little help from a few simple tools. One tool in particular is his business card. A great business card marketing idea is to give your card a purpose. That means just simply having […]

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Do Not Underestimate The Simplicity Of Business Cards

March 31, 2015 Marketing No Comments

Even in this technological age, business cards are still the way to go. Just about every person who runs a business or is self-employed at some point needs to sit down alone or with someone and plan out their business card. Even as a model, one of the greatest UK Models marketing idea, not to shun […]

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Fridge Magnets: Good for Marketing!

February 20, 2007 Marketing No Comments

There are many wonderful uses for business cards. We last looked a a fun use, business card origami. Today we’ll look at a well used marketing idea for your company. Generally business cards do a great job at one thing, getting your message across. But do they do that job frequently? Probably not. People put […]

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