Ugly Business Cards

The purpose of a business card can be lost if the card is truly ugly.  The customer looks at the card and is offended by the artwork and you are out of work.  The better avenue to pursue for the business card is strictly business.  The card has a purpose and don’t try to jazz […]

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Store Those Cards

I used to know a businessman that kept mounds of business cards in a rubber band sorted in alphabetical order.  He would pull them out and shuffle through them whenever he needed to make a call.  He had a black berry but didn’t know how to get the information into the phone.  Even if he could […]

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How Often Should I Update Business Card Graphics?

February 24, 2008 Design,Free Advice No Comments

Personally I update my business cards every time I go through my box of 1,000.

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Business Card Question?

February 15, 2008 Free Advice,News No Comments

I’m looking for anyone with a business card question. Whether you want advice on a business card design or need to decide on who you want to print your business cards, please send in your question! In exchange, I’ll link to your website (related or not) and answer your question. I’ve had good questions, and […]

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