Store Those Cards

I used to know a businessman that kept mounds of business cards in a rubber band sorted in alphabetical order.  He would pull them out and shuffle through them whenever he needed to make a call.  He had a black berry but didn’t know how to get the information into the phone.  Even if he could […]

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Fridge Magnets: Good for Marketing!

February 20, 2007 Marketing No Comments

There are many wonderful uses for business cards. We last looked a a fun use, business card origami. Today we’ll look at a well used marketing idea for your company. Generally business cards do a great job at one thing, getting your message across. But do they do that job frequently? Probably not. People put […]

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Magnetic Business Cards

Magnetic business cards are business cards with a magnetic backing. These business cards work just like a regular business card, and like a regular magnet. They are slightly thicker than a regular business to incorporate the magnet on the back side of the business card. You have probably seen, or maybe even have a magnetic […]

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Creative Business Card Uses

February 16, 2006 Marketing No Comments

As promoters of our business cards, there are things we can learn from large companies and individuals alike. Do you remember the story about Joe Girard? Girard is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the worlds greatest salesman. Girard had a few marketing ideas that were very different. In your face, and […]

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