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Store Those Cards

I used to know a businessman that kept mounds of business cards in a rubber band sorted in alphabetical order.  He would pull them out and shuffle through them whenever he needed to make a call.  He had a black berry but didn’t know how to get the information into the phone.  Even if he could […]

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Busy Cards

Is your business card too busy?  I mean is it so cluttered with in formation that it is very difficult to read?  Many are.  Just think of what you do when you are handed one of these cards.  I say most are thrown away.  The real trick is to put key information on the card […]

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Create Your Own Origami Business Card Holder

Why spend $2.99 on a cheap plastic business card holder when you can have your own cheap paper business card holder for free? Enough with the chit-chat, check this out how to Create Your Own Origami Business Card Holder.

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Business Card Origami – The Ultimate Guide

Business card origami …is the art of taking business card and folding (sometimes cutting and gluing) them into various shapes, patterns, toys, and anything else the artist can dream up. Many of these different pieces have real pictures, some are theoretical. Many of these I have personally made. Some of these I would never even […]

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