In your quest to save money and still promote your business you found that you can print business cards at home, or at the office.   In your excitement you went to Office Depot and bought some Avery Business Card stock and used a cheap template to print business cards.   You might have even bought some business card software that was pretty cheezy.
After you printed these business cards, hopefully you took at look at the corners, edges, coloring, ink spots, ink dots from ink jet printers and other marks that tell the tale of a cheap business card printing job.

You quickly realize that you should just spend $20 and get some professional quality business cards right?   Why did you go to all of the trouble to get back to the beginning?

You have a desire to create and be in control!     That is completely understandable, I have that desire too.

Here is how you can quench that desire, create a business card template.   This template can either be created on the computer or on a piece of paper.

Once you have created that business card template, take it down to your local printer and tell him you had an idea and would like to see it on the computer.   This local printer, eager for your business might even print you a sample business card.

This way, you get to stay in control of the design of your business card and get the quality printing that only a professional printer can achieve!