Randi Glazer has a longstanding reputation as one of the most knowledgeable insurance professionals in the industry, and her skills as an underwriter have been frequently lauded by peers who recognize the rarity of a professional so consistently devoted to such a detail-oriented and exacting approach to underwriting. While Glazer’s reputation is built on her clear and comprehensive expertise in every aspect of the insurance industry, the veteran underwriting consultant has also long understood the importance of promotion through the use of varied platforms.

According to Glazer, traditional methods such as the simple presentation of a professional business card remain effective in a number of settings, but it is nonetheless important to diversify the way professionals promote themselves in order to ensure they reach the widest range of potential clients through their efforts. This may require the creation of a digital video featuring an overview of the professional’s skills and expertise, or it may be accomplished through the use of a professional website that provides the same or at least similar information.