Frank from Albert’s Specialty Roofing Co. asks:

Are the Magnetic Business Cards worth the extra money? Do people put them on the fridge and keep them there for years of easy reference to my business?

Thanks for the question Frank! As you know, business card draw people in, but magnetic business cards can really make your company stick! Well, at least you’ll stick to the fridge.

When talking about magnetic business cards, you have to remember a few things. Firstly, magnetic business cards are definitely more expensive. You can buy business cards for less than 5 cents each. Magnetic business cards are going to cost you about 10 times that amount, or about 50 cents each. While the number is still small, it really adds up. You can buy 1000 regular business cards for $50 or less. 1000 business cards with a magnet are going to cost you $500!

Ok, the difference is price is obvious, but you would expect that since you’re getting something bigger and better right? But are you really getting something bigger and better? Or are you just getting something different?

From my experience, business card magnets only work with certain industries. If you’re a house cleaner, plumber, handy man, or similar service provider, you definitely want your business card in front of your prospects as much as possible. The same goes for a pizza delivery service.

However, if you own a web design company, are a real estate agent, or are a car salesman, don’t waste the money. Your customers know how to get in contact with you and don’t need you on a regular basis.

So Frank, to answer you question, magnetic business cards are worth the money if you’re industry is the right industry. Keep in mind the qualifications.

1. Customers call you at least twice a month.

2. There are similar businesses that could take your business if your customer can’t contact you easily.

3. (Optional) Your customers call you in emergency situation (plumbing, handyman, roof leak repair, etc)

If you fit those criteria, then spend the extra money and make your business card stick!

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