Gone are the day’s of folding a stuffing letters. Today’s letter folders are quick and easy!
Does you office staff absolutely hate letter folding? I would be willing to bet they do.

Why not give them a gift they will love you for, buy them a letter folder.

Letter folders can be bought for around $2000 and up, and have replaceable parts that should last many years with minimal maintenance.

Folding letters and paper by hand is a long and tedious job that no one wants to do. The person making minimum wage doesn’t want to be a letter folder, and neither does your secretary.

We all know how expensive it is to employ someone, this letter folder maximizes your staff. They are concentrating on important projects while a machine is letter folding for you, not to mention those nasty paper cuts!

Show your staff how you care about them by investing in a letter folder that will provide years of benefit to you and your employees.