Most websites, when talking about leather and business cards are referring to business card cases or business card holders. I am talking about neither. I am talking about business cards that are actually made out of leather and printed in color like a traditional business card!

There is no need for me to explain the benefit to the extremely unique business cards.

However, I would like you to think about the downside of having leather business cards.

1. Price

I wasn’t able to find an actual price for leather business cards, but I can assure you they won’t be cheap. However, if you are looking for something more unique the plastic business cards and metal business cards, and the price isn’t important these leather business cards might be for you.

2. Cow Lovers and PETA members

While showing off your amazingly unique business cards, you might offend someone. In business this is a major downside. PETA members for sure will not appreciate your attempt at uniqueness nor will someone who enjoys having cows around as pets…

3. DurabilityLeather Business Cards

I cannot comment on the durability of leather business cards because I have never seen them in person. I don’t know how the manufacturing process works, nor do I know how they are treated when they are finished. They will probably last a good long while, but you would have to check with the leather business card manufacturer.

Leather business cards are not for everyone, but for those who are looking for an extrememly unique business card, leather business cards are perfect!