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With all of today’s incredible technology, sometimes the traditional ways of doing business are the best. Business cards create a level of connection that even the latest Web 2.0 tech can’t really touch. If you are dealing with a high-value industry such as land development, you owe it to yourself to learn exactly what the old school ways of connecting can do for you.

Here is how to create the perfect business cards for your land development company.

Creating a Purpose for Your Card

There are many designs that could possibly work as the motif for your business card. How will you choose between templates? Purpose. Any land development professional can tell you that the purpose of your business will drive the aesthetic of your marketing materials, including your business cards.

As a land developer, you should be quite selective about who receives your information. The format of your business card will follow suit. You may choose to keep traditional entries like job title and company address off of the card to create an air of exclusivity. The message is clear – if you have your hands on this card, you are part of a secret club. There is no need to include all of the information on the card because those in-the-know will just know.

Brevity is the Soul of Wit

Keep your land development business cards as simple as possible. The first reason for brevity is readability. If your card is cluttered, then it becomes incredibly difficult to read. This is not good for the industry of land development. If a prospect cannot even read your information, there is no way that prospect will trust you with a high-value item such as real estate.

Use readable fonts instead of trying to impress your clientele with fancy stuff. Glasgow, Karat, and Helvetica are great go to choices that you can always depend on. Do not use a font size less than 6 pt. Lower than that will cause problems and keep people with vision problems from properly reading the information on the card. Simplicity also communicates confidence. This is a big part of a closing business in the industry of land development. Your prospects need to know that you can do business without you having to oversell yourself.

Professionalism Wins the Day

No matter what motif you choose for your land development business card, you should always strive for a professional appearance. Even if you are appealing to an audience that may appreciate humor, there is no need to try to be a comedian. Everything in moderation is the key.

You give a professional appearance when you keep your cards neat during events as well. You should develop a system for giving out your cards so that they are never bent or smudged. If you have a card that looks old and washed out, throw it away rather than give it out. One of the easiest ways to ensure a fresh look on every card is to invest in a heavier paper grade or a special metal card.

Make sure that your contact email address is short and poignant. A convoluted email address can screw up an initial communication. You can always have your emails bounce to a background email that only your employees see, but as they say in the Mafia, keep the frontman clean.


You will experience turnover in your company no matter how solid it may be. This is fine, but forgetting to update your business cards is not. If your prospect is considering a multimillion-dollar investment, do you think they will be happy if they call a disconnected number or get a bounce back on an email? This is Business 101, but you might be surprised at how many companies overlook this simple and vital step.

Make sure that every employee who is handing out business cards has updated information. Check this anytime you have a significant change in employment, a physical office move or any other substantial company event.

A Unique but Recognizable Brand

Many companies make the mistake of creating their business card with a completely different aesthetic from their website and other marketing materials. You can bet that your prospects will be checking all of these other sources before doing business with you. If they cannot recognize your brand from all perspectives, they will be less likely to follow through with a sale.

Use the same colors, the same fonts, and the same general aesthetic when creating your cards. Use the limitations of your brand as a way to encourage creativity.

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