Groza Learning Center Business cardsFor several years now, it has been visual artists and other creatively inclined professionals who routinely pushed the limits of the impact a business card could yield on the recipient. Whether this was achieved through unique materials or eye-popping visual effects, it is quite evident that such an approach is highly effective and can mean the difference between landing a job or never even being granted an interview.

At the Groza Learning Center, several professionals have been discussing a new trend in which the technological sector is changing the way job seekers utilize business cards for the purpose of self-promotion. Perhaps the easiest and most effective manner in which the business card is being transformed through technology is the simple addition of a QR code that leads to a LinkedIn page or some other website that includes a wealth of relevant information.

Being able to simply scan a QR code in order to be directed to a site may only save the cardholder less than 60 seconds when compared to having to type in a traditional web address, but there is a significant psychological barrier associated with typing in an address that the presence of a QR code makes it far more likely that the card will lead to someone taking the time to actually review the credentials posted on the site. If nothing else, the recipient of the card will be impressed with the technological foresight associated with including a QR code for this specific purpose.