Put you card in the Bowl

I like diners that ask for business cards to be placed into a bowl to later be drawn for a free lunch.  If you are stuck eating at the nearby diner and they have this drawing put that card in by all means.  By offering this drawing they are saying that they want more business […]

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A Little Humor Goes a Long Way With Business Cards

April 26, 2015 Marketing No Comments

Business dealings do not always have to be serious affairs, and in some cases it is best to cultivate a light-hearted atmosphere. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but subtlety is often best. According to Luke Weil, CEO & Co-Founder at Andina Acquisition Corp., a little bit of humor with the title […]

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Luigi Wewege And Business Card Success

Although Luigi Wewege is a highly successful man and possibly one of the world’s top wealthiest people, he didn’t get that way without a little help from a few simple tools. One tool in particular is his business card. A great business card marketing idea is to give your card a purpose. That means just simply having […]

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Do Not Underestimate The Simplicity Of Business Cards

March 31, 2015 Marketing No Comments

Even in this technological age, business cards are still the way to go. Just about every person who runs a business or is self-employed at some point needs to sit down alone or with someone and plan out their business card. Even as a model, one of the greatest UK Models marketing idea, not to shun […]

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How to Make Business Cards Convert

November 20, 2008 Design,Marketing No Comments

Yesterday we discussed designing your business card with your end goal in mind.   Some people want more calls, some people want brand recognition.   Discovering what you want is the first step in figuring out how to make your business cards convert. Keep these design ideas in mind when creating a business card that […]

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