Ugly Business Cards

The purpose of a business card can be lost if the card is truly ugly.  The customer looks at the card and is offended by the artwork and you are out of work.  The better avenue to pursue for the business card is strictly business.  The card has a purpose and don’t try to jazz […]

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Put you card in the Bowl

I like diners that ask for business cards to be placed into a bowl to later be drawn for a free lunch.  If you are stuck eating at the nearby diner and they have this drawing put that card in by all means.  By offering this drawing they are saying that they want more business […]

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Cards that Work

A business card has to work for you and your company.  If it doesn’t meet the basic criteria then it can cost you sales.  It must clearly have your company name displayed.  If this is missing the trash can will be its demise.  Your name must be printed on the card, not hand written.  A […]

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Fun Red Plastic Business Cards

Vaughan O Graphic Business Card of the Month Victoria Vaughan has a unique, and fun business card. While this business card isn’t using because it’s plastic, it’s unique for the red splotches that seem to be different on each business card. As you can see in the picture above, these business cards look like they […]

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Solid Thick Plastic Business Cards

These Heads Inc. business cards are a great example of a unique business card. This business card is solid plastic, and looks thick as well. I would imagine that these plastic cards are expensive, but if you’re in a crowded market they could easily set you apart. As you can see, there is a lot […]

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