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Put you card in the Bowl

I like diners that ask for business cards to be placed into a bowl to later be drawn for a free lunch.  If you are stuck eating at the nearby diner and they have this drawing put that card in by all means.  By offering this drawing they are saying that they want more business […]

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Cards that Work

A business card has to work for you and your company.  If it doesn’t meet the basic criteria then it can cost you sales.  It must clearly have your company name displayed.  If this is missing the trash can will be its demise.  Your name must be printed on the card, not hand written.  A […]

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Bad Business Cards

How do you get a bad business cards these days when technology is so good.  Bad business cards may only be the opinion of the one receiving or making them.  Now days you can just print them on your printer at home on your computer .  So it must be the design of the cards […]

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Am I Wasting Business Cards?

Guy Patterson from Nullamatix (great site BTW) asks: Is there a way to tell when a business card is going to waste? I’m frequently asked if I have a business card, but the number of call backs is no where near the amount of cards handed out. How can I tell if someone is genuinely […]

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Business Card Life Span

February 15, 2008 Basics,Free Advice No Comments

Jim Thaler wrote: What if the average “life span” of a plain, text only business card versus a full color business card or other unique design card? Thanks for the question Jim! As far as the business card itself, they usually are dead by the time they’re printed on! I’m sure they tree didn’t mind, […]

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