Bad Business Cards

How do you get a bad business cards these days when technology is so good.  Bad business cards may only be the opinion of the one receiving or making them.  Now days you can just print them on your printer at home on your computer .  So it must be the design of the cards […]

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Handheld Business Card Scanners

October 12, 2007 Accessories No Comments

Mike wrote: What is the best handheld scanner for scanning business cards? While I must admit that I’ve never used a handheld scanner for business cards, I did do a little digging. Here are my findings: 1. Handheld business card scanners are not easy to find. 2. Two ladies, Mary J. Zipf (Tempe, AZ, US) […]

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Create Your Own Origami Business Card Holder

Why spend $2.99 on a cheap plastic business card holder when you can have your own cheap paper business card holder for free? Enough with the chit-chat, check this out how to Create Your Own Origami Business Card Holder.

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Letter Folder

February 16, 2006 Accessories No Comments

Gone are the day’s of folding a stuffing letters. Today’s letter folders are quick and easy! Does you office staff absolutely hate letter folding? I would be willing to bet they do. Why not give them a gift they will love you for, buy them a letter folder. Letter folders can be bought for around […]

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Business Card Holders

February 16, 2006 Accessories 1 Comment

If the price were identical, would you rather have a nice solid oak desk, or would you rather have a cheap plywood desk in your office? Most people would obviously choose the oak piece of furniture. What would this fine oak desk say to your prospective clients? Your nice desk would say that you are […]

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