How many years have you had your business cards?

Most people have had the same business card for a number of years.

These business cards are most likely outdated, and some business cards even have old information!

This is something that you can’t allow to happen to you and your business cards. Your business cards are your best and least expensive marketing tool, they need to be current.

Phone numbers and email addresses are the most common items on business cards that are outdated. Some people don’t see the need to keep them current, even though some customers will attempt to make contact only one time.

If your business cards have old information, those business cards should be used for note pads and nothing else. Customers should not have your business cards with old information on them. You can’t afford it!

Another item that people fail to realize is that color business cards are more memorable to potential customers than black and white business cards. Add color and usually you will usually add sales as well!