Sara wrote:
Hi Brandon,
As a blogger who writes about making money online, how could a business card benefit my business?

Sara, thanks for the question. As for ways to make money online, that happens to be my passion as well!

In order to create a business card that will benefit your business, I would make sure you that your business cards do the following:

1. Match the theme of your site. You have a nice green theme with the pajama slippers. Keep that theme going to your business cards.

2. Make yourself memorable. In order for your business cards to convert to website visitors, you need to give them something on the business cards that will make them remember you and want to visit your site. I would try to highlight a few of your old posts. You might be able to say something like, “Don’t miss these posts:”. Then you could list a few of your most popular posts.

3. The last thing I would recommend is being part of the design process. Don’t just pay someone to design a business card, make sure you’re part of designing it. That could involve asking for a few updates from your designer as the process is progressing, or asking him for a few proofs and make sure he knows what you’re looking for.

4. Hire a great designer. Did I mention that I design business cards? Also, you can contact me for more information!

Hopefully that will help you with your business card creation!

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