I just finished designing my most recent business cards for AfterHim Media.   These business cards would, in my opinion, look best with a glossy finish.   However when I talked to a local business card printer, he told me that there are may different types of glossy finishes.   He also said that there are many ways to create a glossy finish.

I asked him if some were better than others, because I wanted my business cards to look as good as possible, even if it meant it costs a little extra.   I know this site is about free business cards, and I do have 3 sets of free business cards, these cards however, I wanted different than my free business cards, and plan to pay for them.

When I began looking at the examples of glossy finishes he had, I could almost instantly tell a difference!   He explained that different paper quality caused a different finish and I quickly realized that I was overwhelmed and out of my league.

I would suggest that you find the company you want to buy your business cards from, and either email them or call them and ask them the differences and how you can get the best looking cards with the finish you want!