Business card origami

…is the art of taking business card and folding (sometimes cutting and gluing) them into various shapes, patterns, toys, and anything else the artist can dream up. Many of these different pieces have real pictures, some are theoretical. Many of these I have personally made. Some of these I would never even dream that I could create.So here you go, a list of the best business card origami on the internet.

Please send in additional links and business card origami resources!


Business Card Cube Picture

The cube is one of the easiest and best introduction to business card origami. If you can create this cube, you can create other business card art. For a tutorial on creating the business card cube there is no better teacher than Ned Batchelder. Ned, as far as I know, was the first person to document his creation on the internet. 6 cards are needed.

I’ve been creating business card cubes for many years with slight variations.

Ned Batchelder: How to make business card cubes

Business Card Case:

Business Card Case - Origami

More fun than functional, this business card case is created with regular paper. Maybe this isn’t business card origami, but it’s still fun and business card related.

I’ve never made a business card case like this.

This piece of origami uses a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The website below has a downloadable PDF with instructions.

DIY Planner: Business Card Case – Origami Style

Business Card Jumping Frog:

Business Card Jumping Frog

The greatest thing about this jumping frog is the fact that he actually will jump. I made this piece last night and got mine to jump almost 12″. After about 20 jumps he was still very springy and was still jumping almost a foot. Great for a class project. Maybe a jumping frog competition.

Jeanine Meyer, Ph. D, is a professor that uses these jumping frogs as teaching tools.

Jumping Business Card Frog

non-jumping non-business card frog

Various Shapes:

Business Card Nautilus Dishes

This site has a wonderful collection of various shapes many of which I can’t pronounce and should only be attempted by a mathematician. The author of this site admits that he doesn’t know how to make many of these shapes. However, they are great reference and show exactly what can be done with business cards.


Vann’s Cuboctahedra (Octahemioctahedra) Unit

Square Cuboctahedra (Cubohemioctahedra) Unit

Hyperbolic Paraboloid Star

Actual Models created

Great pictures of actual creations

Business Card Bow Tie:

Business Card Bow Tie
I don’t have instructions for this piece, and have never made it.

Just by looking at it you should be able to imagine how simple it would be to recreate even without knowing the specific folds, or knowing which fold should be first.

Good luck!

Business Card Flapping Bird:

Business Card Flapping Bird

This site doesn’t have the best instructions, but the pictures document this bird perfectly. It is a difficult piece, but one you’ll keep forever. The bird is small, only about one inch long, but is expertly crafted and documented. I wish the pictures were a little higher quality.

Business Card Flapping Bird

Business Card Puppy:

Business Card Puppy

Sorry about this one, no instructions.

Create this standing dog, document it, take pictures and I’ll post it for you.

Business card puppy

Traditional Frog:

Business Card Traditional Frog

Another one without instructions.

This frog doesn’t jump, but looks much more realistic. As with the puppy, if you create this, document it and take some pictures I’ll give you credit and host the pictures for you right here!

Business Card Frog

Business Card Ram:

Business Card Ram

This ram is one of my favorite business card animal origami pieces. However, it looks very difficult, especially trying to get those horns curved. No explanation or instructions for this one, but give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Business Card Ram

That’s about all I have for now. I’ll keep updating this page as I find more pictures and business card origami. If you have anything, please send it in!