Jim Thaler wrote:
What if the average “life span” of a plain, text only business card versus a
full color business card or other unique design card?

Thanks for the question Jim! As far as the business card itself, they usually are dead by the time they’re printed on! I’m sure they tree didn’t mind, it was glad to give up it’s life so we could make a few sales, right?

Business Card PictureAs for design, it really depends on the business card. If you look at advertising from the 1980’s, it’s obviously out of style and “old”. If you look at stuff from the early 1990’s, that too is obvious. That is my caution, keep an eye on advertising and see what is popping up. As your business cards start to move from stylish to out of style, have them updated by a professional designer. You don’t have to go through a radical change, but a change is always necessary.

If you’re business card is mainly text with your company logo, don’t worry too much about the life span, it should last as long as you keep the same address and company logo.

Let me give you a few pictures to diagram what I’m talking about in terms of life span of a logo. Which ATT Logo would you be more likely to want on your business card?


Old AT&T Logo

ATT Logo Today

Now looking at these logos, which one is the oldest, and which one is the most recent? Would you be embarrassed with the logo before the current logo? I surely would, and that is how you know how long your business card lasts. Are you still handing them out as proudly as you did the first day?