If the price were identical, would you rather have a nice solid oak desk, or would you rather have a cheap plywood desk in your office?

Most people would obviously choose the oak piece of furniture.

What would this fine oak desk say to your prospective clients? Your nice desk would say that you are a professional and your take your business seriously.

A business card that appears professionally designed says the same thing, as does a quality business holder. There are many different types of business card holders to choose from.

Most business card holders are plastic, some are metal, and some are made out of wood.

Depending on the layout of your office, and what type of furniture you have will determine the type of business card holder you will want.

If your office furniture is primarily wood, get a wooden business card holder to match.

If you office has a lot of metal and glass, or it is very contemporary, get a metal business card holder.

If your office is just a side desk out of the way, maybe like a car dealership, plastic would match best. Black should be the color of choice for your desk.

Use the information you’ve just learned to find the right business card holder that will help you succeed in your career, and turn prospects into buyers!

Business Card Holder for cars – Helping the small business owner advertise on a beginner’s budget Outdoor Business Card Holder attaches securely to vehicle exterior without damage to the vehicle surface. Weather-resistant, superb construction, removes cleanly. Aimed at taking business promotion off the vehicle/sign/door & into your future customers’ hands.