Luigi Wewege And Business Card Success

Although Luigi Wewege is a highly successful man and possibly one of the world’s top wealthiest people, he didn’t get that way without a little help from a few simple tools. One tool in particular is his business card. A great business card marketing idea is to give your card a purpose. That means just simply having […]

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Do Not Underestimate The Simplicity Of Business Cards

March 31, 2015 Marketing No Comments

Even in this technological age, business cards are still the way to go. Just about every person who runs a business or is self-employed at some point needs to sit down alone or with someone and plan out their business card. Even as a model, one of the greatest UK Models marketing idea, not to shun […]

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How to Make Business Cards Convert

November 20, 2008 Design,Marketing No Comments

Yesterday we discussed designing your business card with your end goal in mind.   Some people want more calls, some people want brand recognition.   Discovering what you want is the first step in figuring out how to make your business cards convert. Keep these design ideas in mind when creating a business card that […]

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What is the Purpose of your Business Cards?

November 19, 2008 Design No Comments

Converting prospects into clients is something that takes years of practice, experience and testing.   You’ll never know what advertising or marketing method will convert the best, but one this always remains true.   If you do nothing, you’ll have no business. With that in mind, business cards are a great place to start with […]

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Self Employed Business Cards

November 18, 2008 Design No Comments

When you lose your job, a common thought is, “I don’t like working for a boss, why don’t I work for myself?”   That thought usually spawns ideas and before you know it you’re registering your business name and you need business cards.   Self employed business cards tend to take on two distinct forms. […]

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