Winters and Yonkers

6 Business Card Sins Lawyers Commit

In order to generate demand, one must make their business well known to the general public. This feat can be accomplished through complex marketing campaigns and social media outreaches, but one of the easiest way to inform people about some firm is through business cards. For years, professionals have been using these to provide their […]

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Marty Stallone

How To Create the Perfect Business Cards for Your Land Development Company

With all of today’s incredible technology, sometimes the traditional ways of doing business are the best. Business cards create a level of connection that even the latest Web 2.0 tech can’t really touch. If you are dealing with a high-value industry such as land development, you owe it to yourself to learn exactly what the […]

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Enhance the Impact of a Business Card Through Technological Advancements

For several years now, it has been visual artists and other creatively inclined professionals who routinely pushed the limits of the impact a business card could yield on the recipient. Whether this was achieved through unique materials or eye-popping visual effects, it is quite evident that such an approach is highly effective and can mean […]

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Randi Glazer Emphasizes Importance of Consistent and Varied Visibility in Business

Randi Glazer has a longstanding reputation as one of the most knowledgeable insurance professionals in the industry, and her skills as an underwriter have been frequently lauded by peers who recognize the rarity of a professional so consistently devoted to such a detail-oriented and exacting approach to underwriting. While Glazer’s reputation is built on her clear […]

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Design Advice for Professionals in Need of a Unique Business Card

February 16, 2016 Design No Comments

When the subject of business cards is brought up, most of the focus is on how the right card can create a lasting and overwhelmingly positive impression on the recipient. The opposite effect is rarely discussed, but it is important to note that the effect of a poorly designed card can yield a far worse […]

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